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Oldest Xena site on the net.

We are the creators of the term Xenaholic, The Imperial Bath House the original site from the golden days of Xena, the Brewery, and Xena Music Videos: XMV.

The Imperial Bath House predates Xena, orginially a text site for all fandom in the ancient world, from Clash of the Titans, Wonder Woman, Ancient World to Pirates, and Ray Harryhausen Fandom. At least it was until Hercules made its debut in 1994 which changed how the Imperial Bath House would look forever.

The Brewery, was one of the original capping sites for both Hercules and Xena - due to size and bandwidth constraints of the day, the original images are just a thumbnail of how far we all have come today.

Making its debut in 2007 XMV: Xena Music Videos began on Youtube and bounced around the internet until finally landing here, within our own Network. The Members Only section in the Database resides in the XMV.


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