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A Hometowner From Hamtramck Fights The Undead

Created on 20 September 2016. Posted in Multi-Fandom

... ticle saying, “Even though Ted Raimi has no social conscience whatsoever, he does love blood, guts, and gore.” MT: [laughs] Oh, gosh. Well, it is nice to take a break from the serious issues and talk ...

Xena 'will be openly gay' in TV reboot

Created on 16 March 2016. Posted in Xenite News

...  sexuality was always implied but never addressed directly. But executive producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach reportedly wrote a Tumblr statement saying the show could now be more open about the issue. "The ...

How's that Xena reboot going? Updated!

Created on 09 March 2016. Posted in Xenite News

... film and tv development use language like this all the time because it helps them narrow down their goals and provide easily-recognizeable signposts to writers like myself: what they are saying is “we ...

How Felicia Day became 'Queen of the Geeks'

Created on 12 October 2015. Posted in Gaming

... of my time and I’m so proud of it. And being able to go around the country and see the impact that my company and my work has done—teenage girls saying they love to play games because of me, and families ...

Doctor Who Season 9 News

Created on 08 April 2015. Posted in Multi-Fandom

...  Also this week, the BBC has announced that Maisie Williams, of Game Of Thrones fame, is joining Doctor Who season nine. The official announcement quotes here as saying “I'm so excited to be wor ...

Comedian Joan Rivers dies aged 81

Created on 04 September 2014. Posted in Multi-Fandom

... ut her death, saying: With all the plastic surgery I've had I'm worried that when I die, God won't recognize me! Shortly after her death was announced, tributes poured in from the world of entertainment ...

Doctor Who Invasion of America

Created on 03 September 2014. Posted in Multi-Fandom

... latest U.S. remake of original U.K. TV shows BY ALEX STRACHAN, POSTMEDIA NEWS Success breeds success, the saying goes. And if it’s true that imitation is the sincerest form of television, as the ...

The Absolute 'final' Xena Con

Created on 29 August 2014. Posted in Xenite News

They have been saying this for the last 4 years that it would be the last one. But anyway. The absolute final Xena con is a fact and tickets are for sale now.    Over the past two decades ...

The Return of AbFab: Big Screen and Star-Studded

Created on 25 August 2014. Posted in Multi-Fandom

... French. Jennifer confirmed the movie earlier this year, saying: "I am writing the film as we speak - it's in the pipeline. "I am hoping it will be released by the end of next year." ...

End of a mystery: David Suchet puts away Poirot

Created on 04 August 2014. Posted in Multi-Fandom

...  think, because it's been on the bookshelves since the 1970s, that people would know. But in England they didn't know. I still have people on my Twitter page saying they cannot watch it, and they won't. ...

Some of those outfits are really quite painful to wear

Created on 21 August 2013. Posted in Multi-Fandom

...  creepy about her and the chance to play an alien I just thought was such an interesting challenge, and I was saying to a friend earlier it’s really funny in that in process of becoming an alien it reall ...