The Obsession


It all started with a Princess and her Chakram decades ago.

Today we in the Xenite community are alive and well and involved in so many fandoms, branching out into the world.

Welcome to XMV, The Many Skilled!


The Women


TMS members are mostly women, yes girls do play video games.  

We are not unicorns we really do exist, and won't be afraid to use our legendary weapons and show off our latest dance moves, and fancy dress.

The Rides


Ponies, Horses, Goats Oh My!  

Collecting our mode of transportation is not only a necessity but a hobby.

Mustangs and Chargers, Pintos and Quads, Trucks and War Steeds, TMS knows no bounds.

The Booze


Enjoying our travels one drink at a time.  

Either in Middle Earth or across the Storm Divide.  We know what we need and we know what we want.  

Our own brew-mistress Edina Monsoon will be cooking up something to satisfy any pallet.


About Us



The Imperial Bath House is the oldest Xena site on the net - predating even the premiere Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.  It was created for historical and fantasy media interests as just a fun escape in 1994.

Since then we have grown and branched out on, the first usage of the phrase then to Xena Music Videos.  XMV is alive and well today but we are more than just videos, we are even more than just Xena.  Going back to the grass roots of The Imperial Bath House - we are again historical and fantasy media, with an extra kick called ....

The Many Skilled our MMO Group XMV began with just a "we should all hang out", and has now developed into a family spanning multiple games.

Xena-based Geeky but Cheeky Kinship "THE MANY SKILLED" Amazonian sisters helped each other to guide through the game, craft, and giggle with. Since then we have formed strong bonds and kindred gaming styles.

"Tea, Soda, Rum and Guinness...we are ready to play!"

After a lackluster beta testing session of Defiance MMO, we didn't jump to San Francisco right away. However we did come to enjoy it after launch and have been playing ever since - when the servers allow us.  To date we have been sighted on several games and are interested in even more.

XMV: The Many Skilled was born!  A total interactive community of creative and interesting fun loving people for the LGBT geek and gamer community.

Friends of the LGBT Community are welcome and encouraged to participate in discussions, artwork, videos, fanfiction and social gaming.  We are more than twitter, we are more than facebook, we are home.