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The Journey from Waterdeep Begins!




If you’re anything like me, you have a crippling case of sunstroke after spending all weekend catching pocket monsters in Pokemon GO. So what better way to beat the heat and avoid its cruel, skin-scorching rays than by taking a trip to a faraway fantasy realm full of Faerûn, monstrous beasts, untold riches, and a motley crew of some of your favorite comedians, actors, and D&D players around? Well, we have a treat for you today with the series premiere of Force Grey: Giant Hunters, an eight-episode Dungeons & Dragons series offering an exciting first-look at Storm King’s Thunder, the new Dungeons & Dragons storyline from Wizards of the Coast. This sprawling adventure sees hordes of giants leaving their homelands and encroaching on civilization, threatening the lives of all the small folk along the Sword Coast.

For an adventure this epic, we pulled out all the stops to create a pitch-perfect party for your viewing pleasure.


Chris Hardwick (@midnight, Talking Dead) as Whil Wee-Tawn, a “bookish elf wizard”

Ashley Johnson (Blindspot) as Dagny Halvor, a half-orc cleric who builds all manner of tiny clockwork automatons.

Jonah Ray (Mystery Science Theater 3000) as Joppa, a human monk with a deep-seated passion for fishing.

Shelby Fero (Robot Chicken) as Brawlwin Chainminer, a dwarf fighter with “a floating shield and a crippling fear of heights.”

Utkarsh Ambudkar (The Mindy Project) as Hitch, a human rogue who always has a joke at the ready

And leading our mighty band of wandering heroes is none other than voice actor extraordinaire and the single greatest Dungeon Master I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with, Matthew Mercer (Critical RoleOverwatchAttack on Titan).

In the series premiere, our mighty heroes come together for the first time, assembled in the city of Waterdeep for their most challenging mission yet: trying not to murder everyone that comes across their path with a magic missile. Okay, that might just be Chris’ most challenging mission yet, but the episode is full of intrigue, adventure, and some seriously fun role-playing. If you’re a fan of Critical Role, Dungeons & Dragons, or experiencing joy, then this show simply cannot be missed.

Storm King’s Thunder is available this fall from Wizards of the Coast. In the meantime, make it your weekly quest to return to Nerdist every Monday for a brand new episode of Force Grey: Giant Hunters.

What do you think of Force Grey? Who is your favorite character? What’s your best giant-related D&D story? Share it with us in the comments below.