LOTRO Event: Buried Treasure

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Buried Treasure Hunt is Back!
Weekend event: 08/21 - 08/25
Travel to Ered Luin to help explore an active dig site near Gondamon! Follow the tutorial quests to get on your way. Once you learn how to use your Treasure Hunter's Pick, jump into the fray in order to find treasures and rewards, buried just beneath your feet.
Lately there have been rumors of treasure buried in Ered Luin. Dwarves have been seen carrying pick-axes and trained cave-claws up into the hills in search of hidden riches. Now the rumors have been confirmed and it’s your turn to get a chance at the treasure!
Where is the event? 
The Treasure Field is in Ered Luin, northwest of Gondamon. You can ride there on your own, or you can take a swift travel route from special Festival Announcer stable masters in West Bree, Michel Delving, Thorin’s Hall and Celondim. There is also a mustering horn for fellowship members to summon each other there if they wish and a campsite for hunters to use.
How do I get started 
The first thing you need to do is speak to the dwarf Aldúlf. He will start you on your introduction to the event. After a short quest showing you how various parts of the event work, you’ll be sent off on your own with your first set of Treasure-hunter’s Picks and some other helpful goodies.


Introduction: Treasure Hunt 

Quest Giver: Aldúlf 
Quest Level: 1+ 
Repeatable: No 
Rewards: 10 Treasure-hunter picks, 1 Trained Cave-claw Cage, 1 Dowsing Gem

  • Objective 1: Speak with Halthor Goldeneye
  • Objective 2: Speak with Tor Wayseeker
  • Objective 3: Dig a site in the training grounds
  • Objective 4: Talk to Orn Gemfinder
  • Objective 5: Use a dowsing gem on a dig site
  • Objective 6: Talk to Segar
  • Objective 7: Use a trained cave claw
  • Objective 8: Talk to Halthor Goldeneye
  • Objective 9: Talk to Arngills

Completing the Introduction quest will allow open up a new deed (more on that later) and will allow you to pick up the two repeatable quests in the area.

Treasure Hunt 

Quest giver: Aldúlf or Arngills 
Quest level: 1+ 
Repeatable: Yes (Every 15 minutes) 
Reward: 2 Treasure-hunter’s picks 
Objective: Talk to Halthor Goldeneye


Quest giver: Trained Cave-claw 
Quest level: 1+ 
Repeatable: Yes (Every 15 minutes) 
Reward: 2 Treasure-hunter’s picks, 1 Trained Cave-claw Cage, 1 Dowsing Gem 
Objective: Collect 5 Berries

Treasure Caches

Each of the Treasure Caches either contain an amount of Buried Treasure Tokens, Trained Cave-claw Cage-icon.png Trained Cave-claw Cage, Treasure-hunter's Pick-icon.png Treasure-hunter's Pick and/or a chance for one of the caches listed below. Some, but not all, items are also available from the Rewards Vendor Marís in exchange for Buried Treasure Tokens.

Huge Treasure Cache-icon.png Huge Treasure Cache

  • Buried Treasure Token-icon.png 12-16 Buried Treasure Tokens
  • Cave-claw Steed-icon.png Cave-claw Steed*
  • Golden Cave-claw Mask-icon.png Golden Cave-claw Mask
  • Grant Emote-icon.png Rich!
  • Trained Cave-claw-icon.png Trained Cave-claw
  • Treasure Laden Goat (item)-icon.png Treasure Laden Goat*
  • Treasure Laden Steed-icon.png Treasure Laden Steed*

Large Treasure Cache-icon.png Large Treasure Cache

  • Buried Treasure Token-icon.png 9-12 Buried Treasure Tokens
  • Grant Emote-icon.png Counterfeit*
  • Grant Emote-icon.png Gem Inspection
  • Jeweller's Helm-icon.png Jeweller's Helm
  • Treasure Hunter's Pack-icon.png Treasure Hunter's Pack
  • Treasure Hunter's Rucksack-icon.png Treasure Hunter's Rucksack*

Medium Treasure Cache-icon.png Medium Treasure Cache

  • Buried Treasure Token-icon.png 5-8 Buried Treasure Tokens
  • Grant Emote-icon.png Coin Flip*
  • Dig-Site-icon.png Dig-Site
  • Domesticated Cave-claw-icon.png Domesticated Cave-claw
  • Grant Emote-icon.png Dowsing
  • Grant Emote-icon.png Gold Panning
  • Treasure Chest-icon.png Treasure Chest
  • Treasure Hunter's Satchel-icon.png Treasure Hunter's Satchel
  • Wooden Cave-claw Mask-icon.png Wooden Cave-claw Mask

Small Treasure Cache-icon.png Small Treasure Cache

  • Buried Treasure Token-icon.png 1-4 Buried Treasure Tokens


* Denotes an item only available from treasure caches.