Renee's Road To Xena

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Renee got interviewed some time ago by the Youtube channel Camera Conversations. Renee O'Connor's dream of being a working actress manifested as a young girl in Texas. With drive, determination and loving support from her mom, Renee's pursuits were realized on a grand scale when she received that career-changing phone call to pack her bags for New Zealand to play the role of Gabrielle in Xena: Warrior Princess.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2

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Just by having Bruce Campbell around in the titular leading role, the Starz horror comedy Ash vs Evil Dead has one of the best casts on television, and everyone else involved with Season 1 helped make it truly fantastic. But somehow – somehow! – the producers have managed to up the ante for Season 2, bringing in the iconic actor Lee Majors to play Ash’s father, while actor and creator Sam Raimi’s brother Ted Raimi has also signed up.

Games New Releases: Jan 10 2016

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I’m up again on new releases after getting to skip December since nothing actually came out the week it was my turn. This week we have a bunch of new titles dropping on my birthday although the one I’m most excited for I’ll have to wait a few more days for. Psyched to see 2016 starting off with three adventure games!